Single Source Home Management

How do you charge for your services?

Our maintenance management services are based on a fixed monthly fee, tailored to your property size and its amenities, as well as services which you select. In addition to maintenance, we can manage projects for you under a pre-determined cost of work mark-up. For very large projects, we recommend a separate construction management agreement. A detailed itemization of our services is outlined in our Standard Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Does your monthly contract fee include upkeep and maintenance costs associated with my property?

Our service includes scheduling, coordination and management of the myriad of contractors who provide goods and services for your property. You sign the contracts with the service providers and pay them directly.

What if I have an emergency in the middle of
the night?

That's exactly the kind of thing we are here for. We will address the immediate concern and then coordinate a team to follow up on a long-term solution.

Would building a new pool be covered under my maintenance contract?

Work for a large project, such as a pool or any type of installation or new construction, would likely be beyond the scope of our basic service contract. However, we will gladly manage such projects through a separate Construction Management Agreement.

I already have several favorite contractors. Can you work
with them?

We are happy to incorporate your existing contractors into the maintenance service plan. We can also offer recommendations to fill in any service provider gaps.

I have a burned-out light bulb in my chandelier, but I can't reach it. Can I call you for something that small?

We can arrange for a handyman to take care of small tasks for you. You would only be billed for the handyman's time and materials to perform the work. Our fee is covered in the basic service contract. We will help you find just the right fit for the work required.

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